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ThopTV Apk Download allows its users to stream and download their favorite content directly onto their cell phones without facing any difficulty. The friendly user Interface of Pikashow makes its user able to navigate and search for their desired content easily.

App NameThopTV APK
VersionLatest Version
File Size42 MB
Android Requirement4.4 and above
MOD FeaturesPrimium unlocked
Total Download100,0000+
Last update2 Hours Ago


In this digital era, everyone is shifting from conventional television broadcasts to amazing online streaming applications for entertainment. On the Internet, there is plenty of online streaming applications available but ThopTV garnered the attention of the huge community of users due to its versatile and user-friendly features. ThopTV APK provides access to a wide array of content including sports events, news, movies, and Tv shows to its users.

Users of Download ThopTV APK can stream content in several resolutions, they can watch movies, tv shows in SD and in full HD resolution but it depends upon their cell phone capability and internet connection. In ThopTV App there is a huge variety of content available for users like news broadcasts, like news broadcasts, TV shows, movies, and many more. Live Streaming is the most attractive feature of the ThopTV streaming application because due to this feature users can watch live television channels, live sports, news, and many others. Another amazing thing about this streaming application is that users not only watch live channels, but they have also the option to download these contents and then watch them offline. Download ThopTV App facilitates its users with a cost-effective way to access an extensive variety of content.

One of the best features of the ThopTV App is that it supports global channels means its users can watch global content, international movies, news, and many more. Before downloading any third-party application users thinks that it may damage their cell phone but ThopTV Apk Download is free from viruses and malware so it can not damage their cell phone. Download ThopTV App also support external players like MX players, VLC, and more. This application also supports a Multiple Subtitle and this feature of ThopTV Apk attracts many users. When you are using ThopTV APP you can also listen to your favorite music and can find out hip-hop, rock, jazz, Hollywood, Bollywood, remixes, local, and many more. To facilitate its users ThopTV Streaming App also offers multiple radio channels and by using this feature users can connect with radio channels from various parts of the world. Another attractive feature of ThopTV Apk is that its developers have not imposed any limitations so its users can enjoy unlimited streaming and downloading. Users of ThopTV Apk can also cast the content onto the big screen like on smart TV and many more.

Features of ThopTV APK

Smooth Interface:

The interface of the application is the main and most prominent thing in any application. If the interface of any application is stunning then automatically the application gets more users. ThopTV Apk has a mind-blowing interface. Everything is clearly visible in Download ThopTV due to its clean and pure interface. There is a homepage section for live TV, movies, and series. In ThopTV App there is also the facility of a search bar where you can easily search any of your favorite content.


Watch All Tv channels Live:

Streaming applications has a lot of craze in this era. People like to stream movies and tv shows but most of the streaming application that is available on the Internet has very limited tv channels in ThopTV Apk Download there is a huge variety of tv channels. You can easily stream any of the tv channels you want. You can watch documentaries, news, dramas, cartoons, action, Comedy, and many more tv channels.


Huge Variety of Content:

In ThopTV there is a huge variety of content. You can watch any of the content you like. You can watch movies and tv shows of Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi, Indian, English and many more. In Download ThopTV Apk there is a huge library of content.


Watch Live sports:

In ThopTV Apk users can easily watch live sports. Watching sports live gives goosebumps to users. So ThopTV App is the best application for all users. You can watch the IPL, the T20 world cup, and many leagues of football. This feature is very amazing and most game lovers like this feature.

Watch Videos in Full Resolution:

In ThopTV APK the most stunning feature is that you can easily watch videos in Top class quality. ThopTV Apk Download does not bore people. This is the most exciting and entertaining application because users can stream movies and tv shows in full HD quality. This feature can easily enhance the overall feel of the users using this fantastic application.

No Restriction:

In ThopTV Apk users don’t face any kind of restriction. You can search for any of your favorite movies and can stream as much time as you can. This feature of the ThopTV Apk is very marvelous. A huge audience like this feature of ThopTV Apk Download very much.

No need for a Subscription:

In most streaming applications users need a subscription to get all the new movies and to get all the features. It means you have to pay to stream movies and tv shows in these applications but in ThopTV you don’t need any kind of subscription. You don’t have to pay a single penny to get all the stunning features of ThopTV Apk. You can stream movies and tv shows without any cost.

Watch Content in many Languages:

Most people like to watch content in other languages so ThopTV Apk is the best application for them. There are many languages supported in ThopTV. You can stream any movie and tv show in any of the languages you want in the ThopTV Apk Download. This multilanguage feature is very rare in streaming applications. Many of the applications that are available on the internet have only one language supported but in ThopTV Apk there is a huge variety of languages. Overall Download ThopTV App is the best application for every user.

Favorite Section:

In ThopTV APK there is a facility of favorite section where you can add many more movies and tv channels and tv series to get quick access to them. If you add any movie, tv channel, or series in your favorite section then when you open ThopTV then you can easily watch them without searching for them. This is the most amazing feature of the ThopTV Application. You guys can easily save time by using ThopTV Apk.

Watch Premium shows for Free:

In ThopTV Apk you can watch all the premium shows or movies for free. In Download ThopTV Apk you guys don’t have to worry about any of the movie or show whether it is premium or not. This is a very stunning feature of ThopTV Apk. In many streaming applications, premium shows are paid. You have to pay money to watch these shows but not in the ThopTV App.

The facility of the ThopTV Team:

In ThopTV Apk users don’t have to worry if they face any kind of issue while using this application. The team of ThopTV is always available to assist their users. This is very amazing because if new users face any of the issues then they can chat with the team of Download ThopTV to resolve their issue.

Light Application:

One of the most crucial features of the ThopTV Apk is that this application consumes very less space in our mobile phones. You guys just need very little space in our mobile phones. This is very fabulous because some people use low-end devices which have very less space in their mobile phones so they also can download ThopTV on their mobile phones.

Up-to-Date Application:

ThopTV Apk is the most updated application of all time because when a movie or tv show is updated globally then within few time you can stream that movie or show in Download ThopTV Apk. This is the most demanded feature of ThopTV. You don’t have to worry about the updates of this application because this application gets regular updates.

Free From Ads:

Ads are really common in streaming applications but the users of ThopTV APK don’t have to face a single ad while streaming any of their favorite tv channels or movies. Because ThopTV Apk Download is totally free from ads. You don’t get any kind of interruption while using this application or while streaming any of your favorite videos.

Some Unique Features of ThopTV APK

  • There is no restriction of any kind
  • Users can watch their favorite games live
  • This app gets regular updates
  • You can watch all of your favorite content in Full resolution
  • This application consumes very little space on phones
  • The team of ThopTV App tv assists its users
  • Watch all the premium shows without any cost
  • This application is totally free from ads
  • You can add your liked movies and shows in the favorite section
  • Feature of multi-language
  • The interface is pure and smooth
  • Watch live tv channels
  • Huge variety of content
  • No need for a subscription

App Requirements

  1. Work on Android version 4.4 or above.
  2. The size of the application is 43 so your phone must have a space of 50mbs

How to use ThopTV Application

  1. After installing the ThopTV application you have to open the application.
  2. You can search for your favorite movies or shows in ThopTV App
  3. You can stream on ThopTV as much time as you want.


Does users need any subscription for using ThopTV Streaming App?
No, users can use all the features of the ThopTV App without buying any subscription.
Is ThopTV Apk a safe streaming Application?
Yes, ThopTV Apk is a 100% safe application for streaming and downloading movies, tv shows, and many more.
Does Subtitle facility is available in ThopTV App?
Yes, ThopTV App facilitates its users with the Subtitle feature.

Final Words

ThopTV Apk is a well-known streaming application and garnered the attention of a huge community of users due to its versatile and user-friendly features.ThopTV Apk Download allows its users to stream and download their favorite content directly onto their cell phones without facing any difficulty. Download ThopTV App also support external players like MX players, VLC, and more. All the features of the ThopTV App are so useful for those users who love to watch and download movies, tv shows at local and International levels. If you want to use this useful and astonishing streaming app then simply download it from the downloading link given on this page.